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Hot Water Cylinders

Energy efficient hot water storage solutions, that are good for the environment & save you money!

Why should I fit an unvented hot water cylinder?

Unvented hot water cylinders supply hot water at mains pressure, offering much better flow rates, which means your shower and bath will perform better. The other major benefit is that you don't need to maintain a cold water tank in the loft, so the highly insulated unvented cylinder can replace this tank and free up valuable space in the room below, where the existing copper tank is located.

Will I get a more powerful shower?

Yes. Because the hot water system is pressurised and balanced to the incoming cold water system. This means you home will receive much higher flow rates and in-turn you'll receive a more powerful shower!

Are they energy efficient?

These cylinders are the most energy efficient on the market today and are good for the environment and your pocket! This is thanks to the class leading, high levels of factory insulation that is applied during their construction.

Do they store more hot water?

Unvented cylinders come in a range of sizes from; 150 - 1000 litre capacity and will be sized by our engineer appropriately for your home and the amount of occupants living within. Due to their strong stainless steel construction, they hold far greater volumes of hot water, so your little rugby team should never run out of hot water again.

Joule Unvented stainless steel cylinders, installed by Benenden Heating.

Unvented Heating Cylinders

Energy Efficient

Stainless Steel Construction

Ample Hot Water

Powerful Showers

Presurised System

Year Long Warranties

Ideal Vented copper cylinder, installed by Benenden Heating.

Vented Hot Water Cylinders

Gravity Fed System

Copper Construction

Stored Hot Water

Requires A Header Tank

Energy Efficient

Powerful Showers

How much does it cost to install an unvented cylinder?

These cylinders range in price from £1000 - £2000 depending on the brand and hot water volume required. You then need to factor in the labour and materials required to re-plumb the new system. Typically this costs between £500 - £1000 if the new unvented cylinder is simply replacing a vented equivalent in the same location. If the new unvented cylinder is being re-located around the home, we will need to supply you with an accurate, no-obligation, free quotation.

Where can unvented cylinders be installed?

Unvented hot water cylinders do not rely on gravity, so they can be installed anywhere around the home and are often fitted in loft spaces, where they replace the redundant cold water storage tank. However they can be installed anywhere, including in utility rooms and garages.

Whats The Difference Between Vented & Unvented Cylinders?

When it comes to heating domestic hot water a traditional vented cylinder requires a connection to a water tank, usually in a loft or attic space. It then uses gravity to deliver the hot water to your home. The water being used is typically heated by the use of an immersion element or by an external source like a central heating boiler. An unvented cylinder uses a pressurised system to deliver the hot water to your homes taps and shower fittings. As this water is now directly fed, there is no need for the cold water storage tank in the loft or attic.

What cylinders do we install?

We will install any hot water cylinder, if you have a preferred manufacturer in mind. Typically we prefer to work with brands we know and trust and these include, Joule, Ideal, Worcester Bosch, Gledhill, Heatrae Sadia, Megaflo, Everflo and RM Stelflo.

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